Saturday, 6 December 2008

baby is born

A new addition to the kingdom

princes Ellen ruby davitt-betts

so you can imagine the trouble sorting out the the army understand these circumstances.


Herzog Ignaz said...


Warmest congratulations and best wishes!

East Riding Militia said...

Our little one was born 7 weeks ago (although he was due just two days ago). Hope you get as much pleasure (and more sleep) as we are.

Capt Bill said...

Clearly a future leader of the Guard Brigade. Congratulations all of Beerstein is celebrating!

abdul666 said...

Congratulations and best wishes indeed!

And so good to see you posting again.
If you have a little spare time (doubtful, I know) keep building Jordvicken for the enjoyement of the future heir -and ours.


Snickering Corpses said...


tradgardmastare said...

My warmest congratulations to you and yours!

East Riding Militia said...

I believe that the comment about the 'Grassin' where from Abdul666. Click on his name above then click onto his Monte Christo blog. Scroll down and you will find his post with the colours on!

abdul666 said...

here’s the LINK to the image I built from conversions of your Grassin (you can also download it from my last Monte-Cristan post – click on the image for the large version). If one of the variants suits you, I guess that with any graphic / drawing software you can select & copy it (or cut & paste in a blank document), then record it under JPEG of gif (with ‘Appleworks’ – I’m on Mac- the selection has to be done in bitmap at first, but I’m sure there are numerous other utilitaries, such as ‘Capture’). Alternatively you can tell me what variant you wish, I’ll select it and send it to you e.g. by e-mail. Then you always can modify / edit the previous messages on your blog (I abuse of the possibility !), delete the previous image and load the new instead.

I *toyed* with the GraphicConverter shareware, which allows (among other utilities) to change the colors of an image (chromatic rotation, green/red symmetry, &c …) -you can do several modifications in sequence but the quality decreases at each accumulated step. The drawback is that afaik you cannot select a contorted part of the image to be modified. Thus all part neither pure black nor pure white is modified, with very odd results on the faces, leathers, buttons, wooden stock of musket… I tried to correct some later with Appleworks, but at the cost of loss in resolution and details. Thus the images are not very good but, I repeat, I was just *toying* with GraphicConverter.

Better results would be obtained with ‘re-coloring’ pixel after pixel your original image, or ‘painting’ David’s Grassin template template - normally done on a computer, but Steve of Strackenz and Uber Gruntshuffen –our (unwilling?) ‘host’ here- printed a template, colored it ‘old way’ with paint and pencils, and numerized the reult to post it on his blog. Anyway be warned: playing with David’s uniforms templates is *addictive*! Soon you’ll design the uniforms of your whole army!

To become a father is always ‘heavy’ – good to see that both for Steve and yourself this marvelous event promotes a blogging revival, rather than making you silent for months as our fellow the Grand Duke of Kitschberg – I take it as a very positive and cheering sign!
Best regards,

Frankfurter said...

Remember, in a few months you will be allowed to sleep again, even if only in short, brief periods!

Congratulations indeed!


Martin said...

The news has just arrived in Raubenstadt! Heartfelt congratulations. The Markgraaf has ordered that the cannon of the Felsigburg Fortress fire off a salute to the new Princess.