Monday, 17 September 2007

border skirmish

Selbistad Light regiment are at present on a "training" mission on the Jordvicken boarder, after a little too much wodka they were found to be taking shots at a patrol of light cavelry on our border and offence given is of great distress to our most royal Prince who has taken his name from the regiment, they were known as the royal regiment until this morning. In the hope our small nation did not give offence, we give our gravest apology

Most honourably yours

Minister of War

Peator Von Haxbistein

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

the 1st corp,

Brigade of Hussars, Earsingvold regiment
Linton Nach Ouse Regiment

Five Battalions of our glorious line infantry

1st Earswicken regiment
2nd Earswicken regiment
1st Wiggstien regiment
1st Haxbistade regiment
2ndHaxbistade regiment

Two Grenadier battalions
( the names and history are still being translated from the old Jordvicken tongue)

a battery or two of tweleve pounders

the most Royal Brigade of Curassiers

And a regiment of those new jager trained chaps, just a load of gamekeepers if you ask me. not like my day, none of that running around hiding behind trees when i was a your hussar blast 'em.

the force which is at present able and willing to come to the aide of any honourable cause, after some negotiation of course.

Minister of War

Peator Von Haxbistein

Monday, 10 September 2007


good day to you sirs, may i introduce

Count Nicoli Betts-Davittovich, the commander of the army of a little known principality not many miles from your own fair lands. a deeply wooded valley has kept our neutrality from the coming and going of the wider Urope nations possible for many years. Now sadly ,due to economic need, we seek to unleash ourselves as the latest mercenary arm for higher in the area. wood and wodka just isn't balancing the books.

any interest in our wonderful and usually well trained troops should be forwarded to the minister for wa,r Peator Von Haxbistein
or indeed direct diplomatic overtones to our Glorious Prince Olav Muirvicken

Welocome friends of Urope

Being a small nation state tucked away in a heavily wooded valley in the northern reaches of our fair continent, we may have been over looked. This however will change as commander of the newly raised army of Jorvicken, I Count Nicoli Betts-Davittovich here by pledge my forces to whom ever can pay the highest.....the country is a bit strapped for cash and alot of wood and wodka houses does not a nation make.

Gentlemen I awaite your replys