Wednesday, 4 August 2010

not dead yet

painted another dozen confederates , basing tomorrow for a game sunday, we are trying two perhaps three sets of rules in one day , same battle. will give an idea of how it goes,

i know this is not very Jordvickenden but, need to get these of the painting table before i begin my troops in ernest,

decided to go the whole hog and paint an army in the colour of this fine nation, any idea how i can go about making flags ? my flag painting isn't any good since i discovered GMB, too good to try and copy,

or flag dude for that matter , oh woooo is me

try do some pics of sunday game if anyone is interested


David said...

For flag creation the best software is a vector graphics program like the free Inkscape: (or Xara Designer, Adobe Illustrator or similar in the commercial world). For Inkscape (and which can be converted for other programs; best to export as .pdf from Inkscape) there's a lot of free public domain .svg vector clipart on sites like and as well as Wikimedia: , much of it very useful heraldic and flag clipart, which can readily be cannibalised to save you time and effort.

If I can help with further advice, leave a message here or on my SYW template blog.



Anonymous said...

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