Thursday, 17 January 2013

So its 2013 and my first trip back for just over two years, doesn't time fly when your having fun ?
or getting divorced.....

but back from the dead I am and back to the painting i will go, just to prove it heres a few i made earlier

ahhh not on the computer.... i will return

Thursday, 2 December 2010

the first lot finished just waiting to be based

some of prussians near completion, half to go, got a matinee today so more painting time,
hope to finish first prussian battalion by christmas

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

not dead yet

painted another dozen confederates , basing tomorrow for a game sunday, we are trying two perhaps three sets of rules in one day , same battle. will give an idea of how it goes,

i know this is not very Jordvickenden but, need to get these of the painting table before i begin my troops in ernest,

decided to go the whole hog and paint an army in the colour of this fine nation, any idea how i can go about making flags ? my flag painting isn't any good since i discovered GMB, too good to try and copy,

or flag dude for that matter , oh woooo is me

try do some pics of sunday game if anyone is interested

Monday, 19 July 2010

Well 12 more confederate sit in my dressing room waiting to be brought home and based, should have finished my confederate army by the end of the year, but when am i going to fit in the most beautiful Prussian army slowly being bought for me by my wife.

cheeky i know but i've made a folder on my desk in which i have placed order forms for a 1813 Prussian brigade. Calpe figures which really are the best to my mind. I have told my wife from now on if she can't think what to buy me for birthdays christmas etc, its all there. Great plan , if i had not already bought two of the units my self, keep your hands in your pockets nigel.!!!!!

painting some dismounted devon yeomanry at the moment, felt wrong some how , performing war horse and not painting some of the chaps i dress as every night

then i promise back to the principality of Jordvicken militia

Friday, 16 July 2010

worry not gentlemen the principality will be joining the ranks of figures to paint on the table, in between changes of costume,

indeed a regiment of foot is winging it's way to the dressing room this very night, we hope , until then here are the gentlemen already based that spent so long in the painting

i must get a better camera my iphone just isn't up to the job

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

painting time

Having had no time to paint as a result of the addition of a very wonderful daughter, i feared i'd never get to paint again,

then i thought..... i have twenty minutes every day at work, a small but workable gap while i'm not on stage, ( i'm appearing in Warhorse at the moment) i tried , and blow me down if it's not working , so far one confederate unit has taken four weeks but i'm getting quicker

this may be the answer to my lead mountain as long as the play keeps running and i'm in it

if i work out how too i'll post some pictures

Thursday, 4 June 2009

still alive

Although my dear Princess Nellie has taken up some time during her first 8 months of life i'm hoping soon for the flags to be unfurled and the great army of Jordenvicken to take it's place once more , a national holiday can only last so long